Tokyo with Kids- Epson Aqua Stadium

One of the things that I found challenging when I first arrived was to find places to take the children to where they could have fun, learn new things and experience this amazing country. I have decided that I will write a review of the places that we visit so to encourage others to experience this country with kids in tow! 

After our last trip to an aquarium- Tokyo Sea Life Park, I’ve been quite keen to get to another as J had such fun there.

We got an opportunity recently as the girls were away in a school residential trip so I didn’t need to do a pick up, and the weather ensured that we needed to do an indoor outing.

I put forward to J a couple of the aquarium options that he could visit and he chose the Epson Aqua Stadium as he wanted to see the dolphins.

Epson Stadium 6

So off we went, Yamanote line to Shinagawa, out at the West Exit. We wandered through Wings shopping centre and discovered that the aquarium only opened at 12 during the week. It was 11am. J had been up since 4:30am, so he popped into the pram and had a nap. I grabbed an early lunch.

At 12:45 we went in. I experienced a Lost-in-Translation moment as I asked a young lady where I could get the tickets and she directed me to the lift. Upstairs I got sent back down, where I found the ticket machine.

Realistically I should have guessed as most places in Japan have machines that spit out the entry ticket.

¥1800 for me (about £13) and J was free as he is under 4. ¥400 for children over 4.

Epson Stadium 2

The aquarium is small and an easy 1/2 day trip. Their feature tank is their tunnel with rays and some sharks. J loved watching the fish and matching the fish to their image. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Alfred Ray (the teacher ray in Finding Nemo) and admiring how the actual ray moved with the same grace and flow as the one in Nemo. This one didn’t sing however!

Epson Stadium 5

Most of the other tanks were small, but still entertaining for the children. Some of the names were written in English, but there was no information about the fish given in English.

Epson Stadium 1 copy

The dolphin and sea lion shows were very entertaining and the highlight of our visit. Everything was in Japanese, but you got the jist and the atmosphere at the dolphin show was great. We had great fun and thoroughly enjoyed watching the people get wet. Most of the show was about the dolphins splashing the audience, so a warning if you do sit in the seats with the red stripe on the back of the chair- you WILL get drenched!
It is possible to buy ponchos for a nominal amount, which most people did.
Epson Stadium 7 Epson Stadium 3

It is possible to re- enter, so you can head out to the shopping centre and have a meal, or eat downstairs, enjoy the rides of Pleasureland and then go back in, but after a few hours J was ready to head home.
Epson Stadium 4

A lovely afternoon out and well worth a visit.

Apologies that the photo quality is a bit erratic- we weren’t allowed to use a flash.

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