Make It From Scratch Challenge- Yoghurt

Crystal over at Money saving Mom is having a Make It From Scratch Challenge this week and I thought that I would join in.

I have been wanting to improve my cooking techniques and skills as I have become a lazy chef…( meat, carbs and a portion of frozen veg). This seemed like an ideal opportunity to try out something new. Today’s recipe is something that I have tried a couple of times and haven’t quite got right yet. Yoghurt is quite pricey here and I have been keen to try and make my own with the long term goal of making soya yoghurt for J as I cannot get any here. (Read I haven’t found any yet)

First I measured out 5 parts milk into a saucepan. (1/2 a cup) and put it onto a low heat.

As soon as it was coming to the boil- bubbles starting to form on the side of the saucepan- I turned off the heat and let it cool.


When it was warm (I don’t have a thermometer so I tested it like a baby’s milk bottle- place a drop on your forearm and it’s perfect when it feels warm to the touch), mix in 1 part of live yoghurt.


Once it has all been stirred in, pour into a thermos flask and leave it to stand for 5+ hours. The longer you leave it the more set your yoghurt will be. As I made mine in the evening- I left mine overnight on the kitchen counter.



Place into a storage container and into the fridge.

P1080346 P1080347

NOTE: I have a yoghurt maker which has helped me in the past. I am still working out the best yoghurt making technique through trial and error. This seems to be the best so far, but it does have a very tangy taste to it. I’m wondering whether my starter yoghurt is live  and if not, perhaps I have curdled sour milk in the fridge instead of yoghurt.Also by moving the yoghurt out of the flask and into the container, I mixed up the yoghurt with the whey so it isn’t as set.

If you know how to make yoghurt without a yoghurt maker, I would love your comments. If you live in Japan and happen to know of any dairy free yoghurt/ which yoghurt are live for yoghurt making I would love your comments too.

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Are you joining in the challenge? If so, what have you made?

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