My 2015 Goals

Last time, I shared how I went about creating my goals for 2015. When I had finished going through my goals and what it was that I wanted to achieve, I realised that again, I had a key word that summarised my goals.
growth copy

By wanting to create more habits and do more reading about the goals, growth is going to be the natural response.
So here are some of my goals and their targets:

To live out a growing and flourishing relationship with the Lord~ “Love the Lord with all your heart and soul.”

Learn about Jesus.
Jesus is the ultimate, perfect example about how we should be living our lives. By reading more, studying about him, I should become more like him.
* Read the gospels.
* Find and do a good Bible Study or two.
* Blog about Jesus and discoveries about him.

Spend more time with God.
God has taken a major back seat in my life recently. He needs to be in the forefront. Only I have the power to put him there.
* Attend church when I am at home.
* Regularly read the Bible.
* More two way conversations with God
* Have a regular Bible Study session
* Worship Him- voice, instruments, at church, CDs

To share my faith
Jesus sent us out on the great commission. I have done very little in obedience to it.
* Walk the talk.- grow my faith so my lifestyle reflects it and inspires others.
* Pray regularly for the unsaved.
* Teach the children- “Teach your children in the way that they should go, so when they are older they shan’t depart from it.”
* Write a Bible School syllabus.


To feel healthy, energetic and have lots of get up and go.

I feel I should add here that I really like the Paleo lifestyle and its principles. I’m not ready to take the leap into Paleo eating and my family are definitely not ready yet, but the lifestyle, sleeping and exercise principles hold huge appeal and I will be implementing those, while slowly introducing more paleo style meals into our diets.

Eat out less.
Currently eat out 1-2 times per week as that is how I get to enjoy a night off from cooking and cleaning up. At a cost of ¥7-10 thousand, that adds up financially, never mind the babysitter costs and the hidden ‘unpronouncables ‘. It also becomes less of a treat.

* Reduce eating out to 2-4 times per month.
* Create more restaurant style meals at home.
* Have more ‘takeaway’ style meals in the freezer. (Ie so I can have a night off from cooking)

Cook/ bake more from scratch
* Cooking/baking more from scratch, will result in a greater knowledge of what’s in the food and more control over what we eat.
* Have a weekly bake session, where I bake 1-2 items to go into the treat box, and freezer.
* Bake all our own bread- find a system that works- ie weekly/ daily/ twice a week.
* Menu plan regularly, including cooking/ baking sessions.
* Have a monthly/ termly ‘cook off’ where freezer gets stocked up with prepared meals (cooked or uncooked)

Exercise 4 times a week– 2x CV, 2x Strength building
Currently hardly exercising at all. My Weight watchersPedometer reads average 5 points a week. To have energy and vitality, I need to build my strength and stamina.
* Download Exercise plan from my physio (and start doing it!).
* Create a schedule where exercise becomes part of life.
* Use the car less, walk/ public transport more.

Regular sleep patterns
Sleep is such a vital part of being healthy and if I don’t get enough it starts to have major impacts on my life as I’ve written before in Sabotage and in Burnout. My sleep patterns are effected by and effect my husbands. By creating better sleep habits, we can feel more energised and enthused.
* Create a good bedtime routine.
* Choose a realistic lights out time.

Create de stress opportunities.
This could be basically classed as ‘Me Time’. This would also encompass the family and opportunities for them to distress and unwind.
* To prevent stress build up, I need to have routines in place- morning, after school, evening.
* A regular quiet time, will also prevent stress build up.
* A monthly ‘Me Time’ in open spaces, visiting a garden/ going for a walk etc.
* Creating opportunities as a family to escape Tokyo regularly and just to be. (1/2 termly.)


“And the second is like it- Love others as you would yourself.”

To grow more in my marriage, so ‘A’ remains my best friend, that I can talk to, laugh with and have fun with.
* Have weekly date nights. (Think creatively as not going out all the time.)
* Blog about date ideas.

I would love to have a close relationship with my children as they grow up, where we can laugh, tease and chat. Where they feel comfortable to share their problems with me.
* Develop listening skills (parents and children)- so children feel heard.
* Monthly dates.
* Family fun nights/ outings
* Read Chronicles of Narnia series
* Japan journals- monthly
* Monthly craft activity- blog about it.

I would like to leave a legacy of being a good friend. Someone who is there when needed, willing to help, offer a listening ear.
* Regular coffee mornings
* 1:1 times.
* Being a friend when needed.
* Practice hospitality

Mind Character

To be intellectually more engaging than ‘just a stay at home Mum”

* Read the news regularly
* Keep up to date with my courses.
* To read a variety of books.

Japan SE Asia

To feel like we’ve made the most of our time here, by exploring Tokyo, Greater Japan and other SE Asia countries.

* Continue to explore Tokyo- all the big sites, smaller unknown ones.
* Create a list of places to see before we leave
* Monthly ‘tourist’ visit, as a family.
* Monthly tourist visit on my own.
* Blog about them.

Greater Japan
* Continue to explore Japan- having visited all the islands and most of the prefectures.
* Create a list of the places we want to visit.
* Print off a black and white map of the prefectures of Japan, colour it in when visited.
* Blog about the visits.

Japanese Culture
* Learn more about Japanese culture and their way of life. .
* Learn about the festivals, beliefs.
* Learn about their crafts, etc. learn some of them (eg the flower arranging, tea ceremony, or calligraphy)
* Learn about their art, music styles etc.
* Blog -Japanese take away

South East Asia
* Visit at least one country per annum.
* Learn about its history, culture and climate.
* Explore some of the key sights.
* Blog about the visit.


To develop my hobbies, and spend time on them.

Just Do it:
Don’t always get to spend time on hobbies. Giving myself goals, so I feel like I’ve achieved something..
* DVD’s of our holidays from 2014.
* Scrapbook 25 pages.
* Knit a jersey.(already started!)
* Paint Griffon, Ladies and Swordmasters.
* Play 4 Warhammer games with ‘A’.

* Research how to take my hobbies further.
* Develop painting skills.
* Read up about scrapbooking techniques.
* Research games skills.

* To be regularly producing veggies for our kitchen.
* Create a growing plan for the year.
* Plan how to extend the growing season.
* Develop gardening and growing knowledge.

(I blog about my allotment at ‘Wariate’ Tales )

About Cheryl

I am a child of God, a wife and a mother of 4 children. Some days are good. Some days are frustrating. Some days are just plain insane. In between the mayhem, I loved to go for walks with our mutt, potter in the garden and enjoy the beauty that surrounded us. That all changed in August 2012 when we waved goodbye to our mutt and garden, our eldest at Uni in Gloucester and moved to Tokyo for 4 months. And yes- we are still here...
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