Creating Order- Day 1 of a 20 day challenge

Creating Order PSD copyI have given myself the challenge of trying to create more order in my life. There are areas where I manage well and others where I fail dismally and cause me stress. I would love nothing more, than to have routines and habits that enable life to just flow better. I am hoping that by posting everyday the various areas that need I feel improvement, that it will keep me accountable and I will achieve my to do list for once in my life. 

I have mentioned before that I like my to do lists. So in true me style, I spent 1 and 1/2 an hour on the weekend making my plan for the month:

Starting big, working my way down.
What do I need to do to create order that will bring peace to my heart?

Various things came to mind, so I have broken them down into themes for each week day.

Monday: What’s in the week?

I find I need Monday, to revover from the weekend.I try and keep the weekend low keyed and family orientated, to such an extent I do nominal housekeeping tasks, and I try not to ask too much of the kids. Generally speaking then, the house is usually a tip, come Monday morning. 

So I’m keeping this on my list, using it as an opportunity to consolidate on routines I try to do, so the house almost runs itself!

Week One: Menu planning
Week Two: Evening Routine
Week Three: Afternoon Routine
Week Four: The Week Ahead

Tuesday: Tasks

I volunteer at the school allotment and Tuesday afternoons is when we meet at the plot. I also run 1st Tokyo Cub and Beaver pack. I use my Tuesday mornings to tackle the planning, preparation and and if I have time, some of the course work I need to do to achieve my wood badge. (Yip- more paperwork/admin!!) As my Tuesdays are already quite full, I am limiting them to tasks that are on my To Do List and hopefully won’t take too long.

Week One: Christmas To Do List
Week Two: Christmas Shopping
Week Three: Creating a Laundry Routine/ Organising the Laundry Room
Week Four: Christmas Cards

OK- Maybe they will take longer than I’d like them to be… Ho Hum!

Wednesday: Tackling the biggies
My children have after school clubs on a Wednesday, which means that I drop them off at 8:15 and only see them again from 4:30. Effectively, this means that I have from 9am-4pm to get a LOT done. So, I am going to allocate my next 4 Wednesdays to tackling the Biggies, starting with my nemesis.
Week One: Tackling the Paperwork
Week Two: Organising the children’s artwork
Week Three: Photograph Organisation
Week Four: Organising our home office.

Thursday: Health
I am trying to focus on my health at the moment. I don’t know how much of my depression, plantar fasciitus or back pain is diet related. Since moving to Tokyo, I have gained 10kg, that much weight isn’t going to help any foot/ back pain, or self confidence issues which then can impact the mood. I am currently trying to reduce my calorific intake, but I want to make lifestyle changes too. I want to get off the yoyo dieting bandwagon and model to my girls the importance of healthy eating and exercise.

Week One: Fluid
Week Two: Intake
Week Three: Rest
Week Four: Exercise

Friday: Ready for the weekend.
This is a bit like Monday. If we are going away for the weekend, I try and use the Friday to get organised, have the house tidy, laundry all up to date etc. It is also a good time for me to get the car sorted. ‘A’ hates sharing a car with me, as most often it is a mobile garbage truck. I have been trying to improve (and am getting there- Hooray), and would like to start giving the car a fortnightly hoover and monthly wash.
Week One: Home
Week Two: Car
Week Three: Bags
Week Four: Planning

Now that you’ve seen the ideas- lets begin:

Besides, needing to catch up from the weekend on a Monday, I also like to spend some time planning for the week ahead. This helps me feel like I have more control over my life.

My main focus at the moment is my health and diet, so I am kicking off the challenge with meal planning. I am trying to cut gluten out of my diet to see whether it effects my depression and mood. My biggest challenge with no gluten are the breakfasts as I LOVE my cereals! I have found that eggs for breakfast do keep me fuller for longer, but there are limits as to how many mornings I can enjoy boiled eggs for breakfast.

Lunches can be an issue too, as I get a bit bored of salads, so I would like to come up with some more ideas. I also need to make lunches for the children every day, and they are also very hungry when they return from school, so planning a healthy snack for them would be a good idea too.

Weekend meals is another where I fall off the healthy eating wagon, as we tend to eat out at least once (so I don’t have to cook), and gluten features on most menus.
So today’s challenge is to plan a month’s worth of meals, this will include the lunch boxes for the children. There are various menu planners on the web. I like this one from Organizing Home Life or head over to Intentional By Grace, where Leigh Anne has found over 150+ printables, including a variety for menu planning.
I have created my own monthly planner, which is a bit bigger than I planned it to be. I haven’t yet mastered how to attach printables, but should you want a copy of my planner (which I show you this evening) please leave me a comment and I will get in touch.
Happy Meal Planning!

About Cheryl

I am a child of God, a wife and a mother of 4 children. Some days are good. Some days are frustrating. Some days are just plain insane. In between the mayhem, I loved to go for walks with our mutt, potter in the garden and enjoy the beauty that surrounded us. That all changed in August 2012 when we waved goodbye to our mutt and garden, our eldest at Uni in Gloucester and moved to Tokyo for 4 months. And yes- we are still here...
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