Tamagawa Rafting Fun


Note: I first wrote this post, after we had our outing back in October last year. I didn’t post it, due to the November challenge and felt it was then best to wait for a time that would be more appropriate- ie Spring or Summer!

I lead a Cub and Beaver pack and one of the challenges that my co-leader and I  face is getting the children out for adventures.

My co-leader and I have managed to overcome the language barrier and have found some ‘corker’ adventures. (To quote a Cub after the most recent adventure.)

The rafting adventure, came about by accident. My co-leader, our hubbies and I had headed out on a recent national holiday for a hike to assess the feasibility of taking the Cubs and Beavers on said hike. Unfortunately traffic congestion meant that we wouldn’t have made it back in time for school pick up, so we abandoned that plan. We managed a walk along a river, but it wouldn’t have held any appeal for eighteen 6-10 year olds.

On the drive back, we were chatting about covering the backwoods cooking badge and hold a BBQ along the river. We googled BBQ along the river, and discovered a company that does river rafting and BBQ along the Tama River.

After a bit of research and a lot of correspondence between the company and I, we headed out one glorious autumnal Sunday morning.


Our guide met us at Futamatao station, which is about 1 1/2 hours outside of Tokyo, and bussed us to their base. At their base, the children and the participating parents were all kitted up in wetsuits, life jackets, helmets and boots. (Due to continued back issues, I sat out this adventure.)

They were then bussed to the starting point, where they were taught how to raft and keep safe. 

Tamagawa River Rafting
They proceeded to spend the next 1 1/2 hours  rafting down the river covering a distance of about 5km. It was, by all accounts loads of fun.

They finished off their adventures, by jumping off a rock into the river below, before traipsing up the hill, back to base.
The entire outing was perfectly doable for children, bearing in mind that the youngest beaver is only 6 years old. The experience will be an entirely different matter come spring after the snow melt for the younger children, but in early autumn the water levels were just fine for all the children (6-10 year olds). 
With the wet suits on all the rafters, there was also no concern of anyone getting cold.

Overall an outing I would highly recommend.

If you fancy a trip down the Tamagawa river then why not check out Tamagawa Rafting Winds website:


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