Paper plate crafts- Elephant

My children (read J) are enjoying making various animals out of paper plates. We have made various so far and these posts are a basic ‘How To’.

2 Paper plates.
Marker pen


Cut the A4 paper into thirds lengthways. (if you’re feeling creative, taper it slightly and at the end shape it into a trunk shape.)
Paint the the underneath side of the paper plates. (elephant colour, unless you’re doing Elmer)
Leave to dry.

Once dry, draw eyes onto one of the paper plates. Take the other paper plate and bend the edging part of the paper plate outwards.
Cut it into thirds.


Staple two of the thirds onto the other paper plate. (these will make the ears)
If you wish to make it into a puppet, staple the half piece (underneath side facing out) at the same time as the ears.

Take the strip and concertina it to the end.
Glue it onto the face and hey presto..
One paper plate elephant puppet!


About Cheryl

I am a child of God, a wife and a mother of 4 children. Some days are good. Some days are frustrating. Some days are just plain insane. In between the mayhem, I loved to go for walks with our mutt, potter in the garden and enjoy the beauty that surrounded us. That all changed in August 2012 when we waved goodbye to our mutt and garden, our eldest at Uni in Gloucester and moved to Tokyo for 4 months. And yes- we are still here...
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