June’s Mountains

The final stretch down into the summer holidays has meant that I have been very focussed on getting things done. It has been been very empowering and motivating.

Mountain 1: Physical Mountain
This month:

No mountain climbed. In fact, I haven’t even managed a hike this month. Not sure whether I will make one next month.

I also seriously doubt whether I will manage Mt Fuji- I’m truly not fit enough to contemplate it.

Mountain 2: Mountain of Weight
This month:
2kg lost.


Admittedly I had an epiphany:

At the beginning of the month I took my Cubs and Beavers to Forest Adventure. We had a super time, but there were times when I was pulling myself up rope ladders, or nets that I found it rather challenging. ( the mental challenge was a different story!).

Function vs Form.

I have new motivation to do the exercises that the Physio and Personal trainer has given me. To increase my strength and build my fitness so I can get out, adventuring with my family.

Function, fully functional!

But as the month has gone on, I felt the need to lose the flab, to show the form that resulting from the improved function. I have been adding more vegetables to my family’s meals (and mine obviously) as a starting block to moving them away from a meat and carb heavy diet onto more of a plant based diet. For myself, I have significantly reduced the amount of sugar I am consuming in the form of sweet foods, carbs and wine. I also stopped being so dependent on stepping onto my scale.

Next month:
The increased strength and toned arms that working with the personal trainer has definitely given me increased motivation. Over the summer holidays, I will be continuing with the exercises at home- to increase the strength and thus improve their function, yet keep on with the healthier eating, so that their new form will become more visible.

Mountain 3: Mountain of Paperwork
This month:
I have managed some paperwork, but not as much as I had hoped.



I have completed my scout training. My Mum’s comment when I told her was- but I thought you were already a scout leader. I was. I am. To start to run a pack, we have to complete 3 Modules, the rest of the modules, are to be covered within two years of the appointment. They don’t take that long to do and what this course has shown me is that I lack the motivation to study at home. Giving myself the deadline and making an appointment with the training advisor to discuss the assignments meant that I had the motivation to complete it.

I might add that I was encouraged to take on the role of Group Leader (managerial role) as a fair amount of the modules that I needed to be a Cub and Beaver Leader (Section Leader) are needed for the managerial role, so they could be validated twice. So not only did I achieve my Section Leader Wood Badge, I also managed to achieve my Group Scout Leader Wood Badge. Whoop Whoop!

Next month:
Complete all the other paperwork??? I’m pretty sure it is like the Scout stuff- once I actually get down to doing it, I discover that it wasn’t so onerous!

Mountain 4: Mountains of Photographs
This month:
A bit done. Not as much as I would have like.

Next month:
I’ll keep up with the small steps: of working through the folders of photographs while I’m watching tv.

Mountain 6: Mountains of Creative Projects
This month:
Looking at my list for I haven’t managed much:

:Scrap 1 double page.

: Knitted 10cm of the second side of my jumper.
I’ve managed about 5cm.

: Sew all badges onto the camp blankets.

I did make a Groot outfit for ‘J’, for space day. (By hand) I’m pretty impressed.


Next month:
The summer should be very creative. But with my children.

Whether I get any of my creative projects done will be a different story, but I’m not fussed. Being creative with my 3 will be far more fun!

Mountain 1: Mountains of Books
This month:
I’ve been reading! Ok- listening rather than reading. But it’s been great!

So, using my Audible credits, I have listened to If I Run and
If I’m Found by Terri Blackstock. Christian novels that while fall under the genre of Christian Romance, they were more a crime drama. I’ve been left hanging and am desperately waiting for the third book, which is only due out next March!
I got so into listening to a book, that I then downloaded The Peacock Emporium by Jojo Moyes.
So three books this month is definitely an improvement. I haven’t picked up Desert God by Wilbur Smith, recently but I will finish it over the summer. I am still working my way through a book about improving habits called Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin, which I need to finish soon as my friend who lent it to me is returning to the UK next month.

Next month:
Finish Desert God and Better than Before, listen to one on Audible and complete two more books.
I would also love to make a serious impact on my Bible in One Year Reading. That’s not going too well…

This month has definitely helped me towards getting back on track. My children broke up for their summer break on the 30th, and have July and August on holiday. I won’t post in this series until September where I will do a joint summer break post. If I can achieve some Mountains over the summer great- but my biggest summer goal is to create some awesome memories with my children.

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