50 Summer Activities for Older Children Part 4

Today sees the final post of my Summer Series- 50 Activities for older children. I have been working through the list alphabetically and have come to the final three sections.


Go Geocaching
I love this activity as it can be played wherever you are. Once, when we were exploring Hakone with friends, we logged on as we were walking between two tourist spots and discovered a cache nearby. Yoyogi park has 2 inside it and 2 just outside. (Though the one inside we couldn’t find!)

Go for a hike.
A River, a mountain, a coastline, through a valley. The options of getting out are limited by your imagination and physical ability.

Take a trip to the beach

Always a great hit!

Make a fairy garden
This seems to be all the rage at the moment. I’ve yet to try it.

Create a herb pot
Buy little pots of herbs and plant them up into larger pots. You could have just your favourites or round a theme. How about a ‘pizza’ pot with basil, tomato, garlic and oregano?

Make a scarecrow
My children loved making this. They can work as a group, or individually. I’ve seen some fantastic ideas at Garden Shows and on Pinterest.

Make a bird scarer using cds
The reflection of the light as the cds move is what supposedly chases the bird away.
I love this idea, but I’ve yet to try it!

This book has some awesome gardening project ideas for children. 

I often get accused of being restless, that I’m always wanting to head out. Perhaps there is some truth to that, but planning some trips out is always fun!

Visit a museum
Most museums are free or a nominal fee, so it a good budget trip out. (Especially if you have a ‘no spend’ rule in place)
Most cities and towns have something available.

Visit an art gallery
I headed out recently to the Eric Carle exhibition recently and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and how inspired I was to get creating in his style. The children were unimpressed, until we gave them a notebook and a pencil and suggested they copy one of the artwork. They definitely became more engaged.

Head out to a local outdoor poolEdit

Outdoor pools in Tokyo are only open from early July until mid September, and they have a variety of rules that are required to be followed. It does remove a fair about of the fun involved, but it’s still great to be able to go and cool off.

Go for a picnic
Pick a park, patch of grass, or a beach. Perhaps even get the children to create their own picnic. Or learn how to make scotch eggs or wraps or such like.

Photography challenge of local buildings/ greenery/ ……
This is limited by your imagination. The children could even then take their photographs and create a collage of the photos. (Mine love Pic Collage)


Learn to touch type
I’ve used Keyboard classroom which I really like, particularly the finger guide. A friend is doing this challenge with her children over the summer and she is using the BBC bitesize Dance Mat Typing and is very happy with it. 

This is a life skill that isn’t taught in many schools, yet is should be as it’s a skill that is becoming more and more valuable. 

Cook a meal

It can be basic- scrambled egg and toast, to a full on 3 course meal. Depends on your child’s skill level. Of course the vital skill to learn alongside is to tidy as you go along and wash up afterwards.

Learn to sail

Or scuba dive, or throw a pot or play a new sport. The possibilities are endless.
What do you want to do? What are you passionate about? Perhaps your children are too. Perhaps you learn the new skill together…
Hopefully this list will help you to feel like the summer isn’t so daunting or scary.
Please do let me know what you have tried. What was your children favourite? Have you any other suggestions? Leave a comment and I will send you a copy of my printable list.

This post contains affiliate links. By buying through my website, you are supporting and encouraging me along my journey at no extra cost to yourself. 

Thank you for your support. 


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