Who am I?

Hi, I am C and welcome to my blog.

I am a South African who travelled over to the UK to do the whole work and travel thing and never left. Something to do with meeting a wonderful man, A and his gorgeous daughter, M.

Over the years our family has expanded to include 3 more gorgeous children K, E and J and Truffs our working cocker spaniel. In between school runs and dog runs I would potter about in our garden or my allotment and sell my Phoenix cards.

In the summer of 2012, fed up with being a single married Mum, I suggested to A, enroute home from an airport pick up, that maybe instead of him commuting between Japan and the UK that we join him until the contract finishes.

So we pack our bags and headed out for four months…

and we are still here…

I hope that you will sit back and enjoy reading my posts about life as a child of God, as a wife, as a Mum, and an unintentional expat.

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