Why Somedays?

When I was thinking about starting a blog, I was trying to think up a title that would just click. My name doesn’t lend itself to any alliteration (or not that I could think of..) and so I pondered and thought and pondered some more. I think it was the most thinking that my nappy brain had done for a while!

On Christmas day, my FIL gave me a poster with a poem on it, which sums me up perfectly and so Somedays by C was born.

Perhaps the poem resonates with you too…

Some days

i can be strong, i can be weak

i can be proud, i can be meek

i can be gentle, or i can be tough

i can explode when i’ve had enough

sometimes i laugh, sometimes i cry

sometimes i lose, but i always will try

i always get up, when i get knocked down

and make a smile, out of any frown

i hope that God likes me, the day that we meet

if only for a chance to sit at his feet

and be by his side, year after year

while all the bad things just disappear

so when life gets tough and its hard to be strong

i’ll never forget…


By Anonymous

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