March’s Mountains

It is quite something to think that we are already a quarter of the way through 2017. This year having these monthly mountainous challenges has definitely kept me focussed. Surprisingly, March has been good. My cousin came over from South Africa for 10 days for a visit, so I didn’t expect to achieve nearly as much as I did.

Mountain 1: Physical Mountain

This month:

In the build up to Cuz’ visit, I had to cancelled my planned hike as I had too much to do beforehand. But together Cuz and I climbed Mt Takao. At the start, we received a few disapproving requests to put the dog onto a leash, but we soon managed to out walk those folk and enjoy the freedoms of being in open space and in a forest. 

Again, I became aware of how unfit I am, and so I plan to improve my cardiovascular fitness! Whether my feet are well enough to run, I don’t know. But stairs and hills would work too!

April has me in Cape Town visiting family. (Am so excited!!) and I’m truly hoping to get up Table Mountain. If I do get up by foot, it will be quite a feat. If I have someone hiking with me, it will be a even greater feat!

Mountain 2: Mountain of Weight
This month:
I’ve stayed the same. So much for losing 4kg! 
Next month:
Inevitable any home visit results in a weight gain as we tend to enjoy eating being able to eat out and savour other treats (nice wine, chocolates, biscuits etc) that we struggle to find in Japan. I will be satisfied if I remain the same, over the moon if I lose anything!

I plan to use my FitBit to help me stay on track. Hopefully if I keep moving regularly, and hit my daily targets, then I will be able to achieve the mountain for this month. 

Mountain 3: Mountain of Paperwork
This month:
I have managed some paperwork, but not as much as I had hoped. With Cuz’ visit, teaching and the school allotment visits, my time has been tight. However in the build up to my SA visit, I have managed to tackle a few. What has been interesting to note, is that my new filing system, thanks to the inspiration gleaned  The Sunday Basket by Lisa Woodruff, has made my admin time flow with more ease and fluidity!

Next month:
As I’m visiting my family for 3 weeks, I plan to do little with regards to my admin. 
My goal of completing my scout training has yet again not been achieved. I would love to complete my Scout training and get that done and I’m hoping with less balls being juggled while I’m in South Africa, that I can complete the training. 

Mountain 4: Mountains of Photographs
This month:
I managed to complete sorting through my Vietnam photographs folder. Finally. I am so excited. (Yes it’s sad, I know!) Cuz is a keen photographer and IT savvy, so I asked him whether he used an app to help him with his photo organisation. He uses FastStone Photo resizer – a free app that has two features –  1: To resize the photographs and 2: To rename the photographs. 
Option 2 is just brilliant! I move the photographs that I want renamed into a box, type in the name and hit go. Just like that they’re all named and numbered.  
Brilliant! That has saved me huge amounts of time.
So thanks to the app, I have managed to sort the photographs and have managed to reduce the collection down to 620 photographs. 
Next month:
Work through 10 other folders of photographs. Something that should be perfectly doable while I’m watching tv or even on the 22 hours I will have sitting on an aeroplane when I head back to Tokyo.

Mountain 6: Mountains of Creative Projects
This month:
I finished the Vietnam photo book! Major tick!
 I am very pleased with it- it is beautiful and well worth the hours I’ve put in to it!

Next month:
I managed to do 8 scrapbook pages in my photo book, so I’m taking the month off those creative projects. 

I am, however, going to make the most of my Mum’s sewing machine to finish my children’s camp blankets.

Mountain 1: Mountains of Books
This month:
Still no novel read.  I listened to In the Field of Grace by Tessa Afshar through Audible, which I thoroughly enjoyed and managed to get a few rooms decluttered in the process!
Next month:
I’m on holiday. Reading a book or 3 should be perfectly doable. Shouldn’t it?!?

Now that I’ve written down everything that I have achieved, I’m truly impressed. I’ve managed more than I realised. 

Breaking the goals down into individual mountains has definitely helped me to stay on focus. How are your goals going?

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Thank you for your support. 

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