50 Summer Activities for Older Children; Part 2

Keeping children entertained so there’s less fighting, limited amounts of time saying- ‘I’m bored’ or getting up to mischief due to boredom. That’s the aim of the list. Hopefully some of these activities are not too adult intensive and I’ve also tried to find a variety of activities at a variety of prices.
So Part 2:

Arts n Crafts

Create a masterpiece in the style of an artist.

This was inspired by our visit to the Eric Carle exhibition at the Setagaya Art Museum. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photographs inside- not even when J sat down and drew E.C’s porqupine. Eric Carle’s website does have instructions how to do the art his style, so it’s definitely something on our summer bucket list.

Paper mache bowl
This is something I’ve always wanted to do with the children. It’s great for their fine motor skills and tactile/ sensory aspect. Creating paper mache material is simple and you can find the instructions here:

To make a bowl, find instructions here: Watermelon Paper mache bowl

Mosaic art
I found this awesome idea on Pinterest for a mosaic bird bath and I think it looked lovely. I wonder whether I can add this onto the paper mache bowl- I’ll keep you posted.

Knit a toy
There are many basic patterns out there and why should a child’s first knitting project be a scarf? ‘K’ loves this book: Crafty Creatures by Jane Bull

Pebble creatures 
Surely my children aren’t the only ones who return from the beach with pockets filled with pebbles? Pinterest has a great selection of ideas. But otherwise, provide your darlings with glue, paint, markers and googly eyes and see what they come up with.

Make an origami card
We’ve made an origami thank you card and on the whole it’s very easy to do:

Take your favourite origami shape (after our visit to Hiroshima, K can turn out cranes with phenomenal ease.), stick it onto some backing card/ paper with double sided tape, stick that card onto an A5 card that has been folded in half. Voila!

This List has 29 Fun crafts which is also worth a visit if you’re in need of more ideas!


Litter pick up

Cubs and Beavers collecting litter at Enoshima beach

This one is easy. Arm each child with a rubbish bag and a pair of gloves. Head out to your chosen destination and collect the rubbish. You can create it into a competition as to who can fill their bag the quickest/ fill the most bags or such like.

Visit a old age home
Please check this one beforehand with your chosen home. Arm your children with a board game, and some suggestions for them to talk about with the elderly.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen/ Volunteer at an animal rescue Center
Again, these will need permission beforehand and some preparation of the children as to what to expect. If you don’t want another pet in the house, then that had better be something you make very clear too!

Organise a Street Store 
I love this concept- hosting a pop up store foe homeless people to come and choose their own clothes. This is charity that started in South Africa and has now spread worldwide. Do take a look at their website and see whether it is something that a family could organise.
So part 2 complete.

Which activity would you like most to do with your children, which one do they want to do the most? Let me now in the comments and I will email you a printable version of the list.

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Thank you for your support. 


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