May’s Mountains

June. Yikes- this year is flying by. I had an amazing holiday with my family in South Africa, and I don’t think that I managed any of the mountains. Which I was fine with. Let’s be honest- spending quality time with family and friends is far more valuable than ticking off a list.

Getting back on track has proven to be quite a challenge. But as I head towards the summer, hopefully I will be able to attain some more mountains.

Mountain 1: Physical Mountain
This month:

No mountain climbed. Not even Table Mountain. No-one in my family was keen and when I did find someone, I had run out of holiday time. 

Mountain 2: Mountain of Weight
This month:
The mountain has grown.

Next month:
I don’t actually know, if I’m truly honest. I’m worried I’m developing a mental hang up, and my 10 year old daughter is getting concerned about her weight. So I’m trying to work out how I can serve healthier meals, and lose weight while not give her a hang up about dieting and her body size (which is normal I might add, but living in a country where people are naturally petite and her friends are petite, I can understand where the thoughts can stem from.)

I am getting help from a trainer to build my fitness and strength, something that’s come about as my body aches and pains have returned!  I am also starting to use my FitBit to help me get moving regularly again. 

To that end, I think I will focus on getting my strength and fitness back and try and move towards a more plant based form of eating. 

Mountain 3: Mountain of Paperwork
This month:
I have managed some paperwork, but not as much as I had hoped.

Next month:
Complete my scout training. This is a huge mountain in my life and it just needs me to take the time and tackle it. I have given myself a deadline and have been in touch with my training advisor to that end. 

Mountain 4: Mountains of Photographs
This month:
Nothing done.

Next month:
Small steps: I’ll work through 10 other folders of photographs. Something that should be perfectly doable while I’m watching tv. 

Mountain 6: Mountains of Creative Projects
This month:
I have managed to complete a few tasks that have been sitting in my sewing box. My top that I have been knitting for the last 18 months has finally got one side complete. 

Next month:
I think I will aim small as this last month of the school year is manic and my diary for June is already very full. So I shall:

:Scrap 1 double page
: Knitted 10cm of the second side of my jumper.
: Sew all badges onto the camp blankets. (I might get my girls to do their own. Actually what am I saying, all 3 of mine can sew their badges on. It doesn’t matter if J’s aren’t super neat!) 

Mountain 1: Mountains of Books
This month:
Reading is beginning to feature again!
I read After You by Jojo Moyesand I’m currently reading Desert God by Wilbur Smith. I am also enjoying a book about improving habits called Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin

Next month:
Finish Desert God and Better than Before, listen to one on Audible and start another book. 

This has definitely been the Month of Sighs! 

Still looking at the positive, I have managed somethings. And to quote a U.K. superstore’s slogan- “Every Little Bit Helps”

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Thank you for your support. 

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